Our group designs photofunctional molecules/materials for photonic and optoelectronic applications with a focus on understanding of how photophysics control molecular excited states. Our recent research themes include:


1.Ultralong-lived room-temperature phosphorescence materials

2.Nonlinear optical materials with ultralong triplet lifetimes under visible light excitation

3.State-of-the-art organic delayed luminescence materials

4.Detailed investigations of the photophysics of molecular excitons

5.Exciton management to achieve unusual molecular photofunctional characteristics



Our group uses multiple approaches such as quantum calculations, molecular synthesis, high revel photo physical analysis, and device fabrications to clarify photophysical aspects and develop state-of-art molecular photo-functional materials.



We collaborate with many groups to increase our research quality, including those at Georgia Institute of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, and Osaka University.